Join the Underrated Stream Team

At Underrated we pride ourselves on the corporate knowledge of streaming, people management, and content creation with our main mission being to help those who may not have the exposure but have amazing potential to grow in the eSports industry. We achieve this by sharing our knowledge of networking, exposure creation and community management to you, our team members.

Our stream team consists of an array of amazing individuals from across the world on games such as CS:GO, Apex Legends, Fortnite, Rainbow 6 Siege, Call of Duty and other popular games. We are a tight knit community who know each other well and always support one another.

We have an amazing management team from different areas of expertise such as competitive eSports players, partnered streamers, and business orientated mentors who are here to assist with any questions or shortfalls you may have.

As much as we can help you, you as the team member also need to ensure that you are in the right mind set and are prepared for the grind as we like to call it. This will include consistent schedules, slick content creation and professionalism. The management team will provide helpful constructive feedback on your content to ensure the best that you can be.

Some of the hardline criteria of what we are looking for includes:

We want to ensure that our streamers are growing so at Underrated we expect a base line follower growth of 1% per month. If there are issues with that we will mentor and investigate why.

If you want to belong somewhere, be supported and think you may be a good fit for The Underrated Ones, please click the link below and submit the online form.

Once submitted management will scout your streams in order to get to know your flow, your personality, and vibes. Once we are satisfied we will proceed to contact you.

Thank for your time and we look forward to working and growing with you!

What is your Handle/Gaming Name

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What games are you currently streaming?

Tell us your consistent stream schedule with days, times and durations.

Are you currently partnered or affiliated with any brands?

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Explain to us in 100 words or less your best moment in streaming

Tell us in at least 100 words why do you want to stream with Underrated.

Do you accept and will comply with the streaming criteria?